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OPC, D3 + K2, Resveratrol, Omega, Activated B Complex

Anti-Inflammatory | Cardioprotective


Anti-Inflammatory | Pain support

Bromelain, OPC & OPC Chews, D3 w/K2


Bone & Joint Health

D3 + K2, Calcium, Prime Joint Support


Digestive Health

Aloe Juice, Probiotics, Digestive Enzymes


Immune Health

D, OPC & OPC Chews, C & C Chews , Probiotics, Resveratrol


SpectraSpray Vitamins

Bone Health, Immune, Sleep, Energy Sprays

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Why Spray?
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SpectraSpray oral spray vitamins provide the fastest, most direct absorption of any vitamin available today; over 5x's higher absorption than pills, capsules and many liquids.


Primarily absorbed through the soft tissue in your mouth, (the oral mucosa) , the nutrients are in the smallest molecular form (nano-emulsion)  & ready to absorb into the bloodstream without being subject to digestion. This oral absorption provides you with effective results - totally free from binders, fillers and common allergens. 


Easy to take anytime, not requiring food or water. Great tasting and breathe freshening with xylitol. Diabetic friendly. TSA compliant. can be taken together.


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